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Sport Surface Courty

Are you looking to build a personalized multi-sport game court for your family, kids or friends? Do you want to encourage your children to spend more time playing instead of spending time on their phones? Do you fancy an basketball court in your Garden?

At OMW Supplies we can design a court to fit your family and your budget. The popular Courty surface is surface for you and your family. This versatile surface is a propylene module-based sports surface perfectly suitable for basketball, tennis courts, multi-purpose sports fields, as well as used in facilities for the following sports disciplines: football (soccer), volleyball, badminton, roller hockey, floorball, roller skating, etc.

At present module propylene surface is the best solution for multi-purpose sports fields and one of the best for gyms — it provides ultimate protection of players’ musculoskeletal system while maintaining the lowest possible operating costs. Thanks to the module-based connection system that receives and damps horizontal loads, as well as the system of supports, the surface damps vertical loads, and this surface is extremely safe for users by protecting their joints and the backbone. There are two models of COURTY surface — for outdoor and indoor use.

We highly recommend installing the COURTY surface both when building a new mufti-purpose sports facility and when upgrading an existing one.

Why Choose Courty Surface?

COURTY surface will allow you to restore full functionality of your sports field just within a week thus making it more beautiful than ever while providing:

Do not hesitate to contact us for assistance on how to optimally adjust a design to meet space and utility requirements

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