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Basketball Equipment

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Basketball Equipment

OMW Supplies a large selection of basketball equipment 

When choosing the right equipment for a court, compliance with standards and regulations must be considered. Improper equipment may cause injuries or wrong postures which are hard to correct. Proper equipment is the first step toward safety. OMW Supplies is committed to equipping clubs and facilities with the safest products for indoor and outdoor. Our products are maunfactured from the highest quality materials

We Stock And Sell The Following Kinds Of Basketball Equipment:

  • Backboards
  • Rims
  • Brackets
  • In-ground units
  • Portable units
  • Ceiling mounted electric units
  • Safety paddings for poles and walls
  • Ball cages
  • Nets

Official Partner of Basketball Ireland

All our products meet FIBA regulations and have better specifications than minimum requirements from Department of Education.

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